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How to Market a City

With a job change in Spring and a move to Phoenix, AZ from St. Louis, MO, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Since most of my follows consist of my wife and I, I’ll say welcome back Tom.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Top 15 Digital Marketing Tactics

I hear and read so much about how digital marketing is taking over and how agencies and companies are scrambling to figure out the new age of media.  I suppose those incumbents and traditional agencies are having some issues making … Continue reading

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Drink Deeply from Good Books

What’s the easiest tool to get ahead in this world?  What separates you from the pack?  How can you get ahead in your career? Did you know 25% of adults (over 25) did not read a book last year 50% … Continue reading

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The Key to Marketing Success for Generation G

In looking at generation g (g = generosity), I am so thankful to be living in this opportunistic, good triumphs over evil, anything is possible culture.  I am finding that my motto to “be you” is prevalent.  We need to … Continue reading

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Marketing Undercover

As I watched one of my favorite shows last night, Undercover Boss, I couldn’t help but wonder why these leaders weren’t doing these types of things daily. For me it all goes back to marketing.  Marketing is not a department. … Continue reading

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Facebook and iPod. What They Have in Common

“There are no secrets.  Study and learn all you can from those you come in contact with.” – John Wooden, What do Facebook and iPod have in common? 1. Neither was an original idea.  They were both borrowed, twisted, turned, … Continue reading

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Marketing and the Curious Future of Books

I’d like to lay claim that Ideo’s “The Future of the Book” was my idea.  Somehow I think they may have barely beat me to the punch.  A while ago I wrote a blog on all the sublime possibilities the … Continue reading

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