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The Key to Marketing Success for Generation G

In looking at generation g (g = generosity), I am so thankful to be living in this opportunistic, good triumphs over evil, anything is possible culture.  I am finding that my motto to “be you” is prevalent.  We need to … Continue reading

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Starbucks Brand Gets Authentic

Local.  Authentic.  Community. Peeling back the structure. This describes the latest in Starbuck’s transition of it’s brand to a new locally driven flavor.  You’d think they read my last post on authenticity.  Of course, I am just the millionth person to beg … Continue reading

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Marketing Authenticity

Is anyone else tired of fake?  There’s nothing like an authentic pleather sofa or some fresh-baked bread direct from an oven in another city.  The one trend in marketing and advertising that I am elated to see is the consumer’s … Continue reading

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Why Redesign is Flawed and Why it Doesn’t Matter just gave their main site a face lift.  I love the remarks in their blog post on the what, why and how but I can’t say that it’s what I expected.  It definitely fits their philosophy, culture, products, personality, … Continue reading

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Ultimate Mobile Phone List

Okay, this isn’t going to be the ultimate mobile phone list as far as information is concerned — I’ll leave that up to cnet, and others. This is however a personal list for me so that I know what … Continue reading

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The Design of Things

To design something, whether a logo, a web site, a brand portfolio or a hat is to tap into the deepest part of our humanity.  When you design, you are first asking yourself who you are. What you are you … Continue reading

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