Top 15 Digital Marketing Tactics

I hear and read so much about how digital marketing is taking over and how agencies and companies are scrambling to figure out the new age of media.  I suppose those incumbents and traditional agencies are having some issues making the switch, but I honestly don’t see the need for panic.  In the first place, if you’ve hired smart people, it shouldn’t matter what the new flavor of the day is. I had a great manager who always said,

“just get the right people on the bus and the rest will take care of itself.” – VP at Federal Reserve Bank

I think the agency world and the rest of us will figure this out in 2011.  Because the changes in medium and ROI, metrics, finding what works, what doesn’t, etc… will all eventually come back to the same principles that drove traditional marketing and direct mail marketing; having a great brand message that connects with the consumer.

At this point I could list 100 quotes from Leo Burnett, Rosser Reeves, Bill Bernbach, Ogilvy and other giants.  Just like with everything else, we need to stick to the basics and keep it simple.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett

Okay, so I got a bit off topic.  The question is, What are Digital Marketing tactics?  What is the difference between traditional and digital.  Well in my mind, here is where a digital marketing strategist works:

  1. SEO/SEM
  2. online advertising (banner ads, Google Display Network)
  3. affiliate marketing
  4. email marketing
  5. social media
  6. mobile marketing
  7. SMS
  8. LBS (FourSquare)
  9. ad networks
  10. comparison shopping engines
  11. behavioral targeting / re-targeting / re-marketing
  12. blogging
  13. content syndication (RSS)
  14. online collaboration & community
  15. web analytics

You can also throw in gaming and interactive TV if you like.  Heck, you can throw in the kitchen sink practically.  We’re a digital society and soon, “digital” marketing will mean the same thing as “marketing,” …whatever that means.


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