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I’ve been wondering why questions pondering “who’s job is social media?” pop up in articles left and right.  Social Media is Public Relations at it’s finest.  PR agencies should and are stepping into this role like a tiger takes to eating Siegfried or Roy.  It’s just natural.

Andy Polansky, Chairman of the Council of Public Relations Firms (And Weber Shandwick President) highlighted this fact in the Nov 29 issue of AdAge.

“As brands try different ways to influence the conversation, they are finding the ideal partner in today’s public relations firms.”

What can be said of Social Media can be said of Public Relations.  Both are about:Social Media is Public Relations

  • Word of mouth
  • Amplifying brands
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of trends
  • Personal connections with your customers/audience
  • Creating conversations
  • Authenticity
  • Integration with other marketing programs
  • Being in touch with the world of popular culture
  • Being in touch with people’s lifestyles
  • Protecting your brand
  • Talking on your feet
  • Reacting to criticism
  • Clear communication
  • …Need I go on?

Social Media Role

Social Media isn’t a new way to market your brand. It’s a new avenue and platform for communication.  If anything, it equips PR firms with previously unavailable or scarce tools and information.  Instead of having to dig, scratch and claw to discover what 100 people in a focus group are thinking about your latest corporate disaster, you’ve got 3,500 fans, followers or connections providing daily insight into the most important thing in your world: your brand.

Dear Social Media,
Thank you!
-Public Relations


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