Why Usability loves Social Media

There’s nothing like a good love story.  Misery loves company and Usability loves Social Media.  Why?  Usability is no longer the step-child of budget cuts and “how do we get ROI out of this” blabber.

Usability and Social Media

Usability Professionals, Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • How do we pay for this?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Do we really need it?
  • Can’t we just cut this for now?
  • How do we measure it?
  • Didn’t Jenkins once build a web site for his nephew?
  • Where’s the ROI?
  • Why don’t we just revisit that later?
  • Who do we hire to do it?
  • Do we just take our marketing director and put them in charge?
  • and on and on.

Yes, now there’s a bit of company in the misery.  But is there more to it than that?  Yes!  In fact Usability may get an additional boost in the “no, you can’t ignore usability you cotton-headed-ninny-muggins” argument.  (apologies for the strong language)

Where do you think all that social media points to as a hub?

Yes, your web site.  Now your web site has become even more important since you’re socializing with thousands of potential new clients.  As Jeffrey Rubin, Jared Spool, Gary Vaynerchuk and other bright individuals have stated, your web site is one area where you want to spend a ton of cash.  This is your 24/7 brick and mortar store.  You need to realize there is architecture, structure, planning, design and so much more that leads to the creation of a successful web site.

My advice: hire these 3 people:

  1. A great UX/UI analyst/designer/architect (yes, all to often this is all one person)
  2. A great Social Media communicator
  3. A great Copywriter.

That’s a great start.  Then you won’t have to look like this:


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