The Key to Marketing Success for Generation G

In looking at generation g (g = generosity), I am so thankful to be living in this opportunistic, good triumphs over evil, anything is possible culture

I am finding that my motto to “be you” is prevalent.  We need to be authentic, tear down the dry wall to expose the brick and succeed within the realms and endless possibilities of our DNA.  People want to deal with people.  The Internet first cast a veil over the faces of every player. Anonymity was both fantastic and detrimental.  People could say things in an IM or blog they never would in person.  Anybody could be anybody.  You had no way of knowing who they really were or what they stood for.  Just watch “Catfish,” the movie.  What a horrible truth about our time, what people perceive as relationships and what nightmares are possible with Internet personas.   

And now here we are full circle.  We’re back to the good ol’ days of a handshake at Roy’s Bait Shop, where you could sample his latest beef jerky.  Jean, his wife, runs the register and Crazy Charlie can tell you anything you want to know about the latest flywheel assembly.

But wait, we still want all the advantages of technology, social media, instant messaging and instant response.  We still want to shop in our PJs and many times, we’d rather deal with a web site versus a snobby store clerk.  We want authenticity and technology.  How do we get and benefit from both?  Easy.

Be who you are in an email, a chat, a tweet, a logo, a slideshare, a proposal, an invoice, a vlog, etc… Write how you talk.  Be someone who cares, who gives his time and knowledge, who shares passion and who loves your work/art/life so much that you shout it to the whole world…in a friendly, digestible format, with bullet points and bolded text of course. In short, read CRUSH IT! And see how Gary did it.


About Tom Brauch

Love your family. Serve others. Try your best. Make friendship a fine art. Drink deeply from good books. Make each day your masterpiece. Give thanks for your blessings. Master your emotions. Accept responsibility. Reject passivity. Lead courageously. Don't hold onto things. Play hard. Work with passion. Put integrity first. Laugh at the world. Persist until you succeed. Act now. Refine.
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