IBM Social Media App vs. FaceBook — They Forgot One Thing

IBM is launching a Facebook-like platform for business.  While I love the “Smarter Planet” marketing they shovel out, I am a bit perplexed by the marketing of their new “IBM® Customer Experience Suite.

Social Media

IBM Social Media Suite

Actually, I’m just assuming it’s a platform.  From their poorly designed web site, it looks more like a typical app that I might find on 1,000 other poorly designed sites with somewhat inept web 3.0 tools.

While I’m sure it’s a great product, they forgot one thing — their need to emulate drug dealers.  Give us a taste.  Unfortunately, when I went to get a glimpse of this amazing new tool, I found a boring marketing video that splashed some inspiring words across the screen set to the American Airlines groovy theme music.  I assume that ensemble was supposed to prompt me to purchase this thing.  But I still don’t know what it does.

Attempting to scratch and sniff, I clicked on their demo link only to find the all too common used car lot sales form.  You have to give them your child’s name and last college indiscretion apparently before you can even look at their amazing new tool. I guess I’ll wait to see some fascinating screen shots someday.  I know IBM is smarter than this.  Why not start to build a smarter planet by starting with a smarter demo.  Just my 2 cents.


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