Marketing When No One is Looking

Marketing When No One is Looking

I’ve been asked what I think the best branding/marketing vehicle is.  To me, the real Marketing takes place behind closed doors, when no one is looking.

I had a little Jerry Maguire moment (no, not a Tom Cruise moment) a few years back. I realized that we needed a switch in focus from being the best at marketing our service to becoming the best customer service provider in the industry.  Much of this was based on Fred Reichhelds work on customer loyalty and the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  To keep it short, Fred notes that only very few companies understand customer loyalty.

To further this, I was reviewing my feeds this morning and came across an old blog from Seth Godin about marketing.  In it, he hits the nail on the head, conveying that marketing is not about your user-friendly website, your pleasant tone of voice in your answering service or the attractive model on your billboard.  It’s about delivering when no one’s looking.

Imagine actually providing great customer service where you listen and help the person on the other end.  Imagine not training robots for customer service reps.  they just need to: Listen. Understand. Act.  And say your sorry if you screwed up.

I remember reading some PR book that said to never say your sorry.  You’ll be admitting that you are wrong.  WOW!  Brilliant.  If you’re wrong, just say it.

Back to my point.  The best Marketing is after the Sale.


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