Jack in the Box Fat-Head Mascot vs. Jack in the Box Logo

Please tell me that I’m not the only person on earth who despises the big-headed ding-dong of a mascot as the face of Jack in the Box.  I actually read an article recently the “Stuff Stoners Like” community (really, I just stumbled on the community site.  I don’t belong! Honest.  Why are you looking at me like that?) that is angry at Jack in the Box for stereotyping them.  That’s a whole separate article in itself, but if even these guys hate Jack in the Box, then I’d say they’re in trouble.  (You have to watch the video.  Classic.)

Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum, I have to say that whoever designed their logo did a great job.  Of course, they couldn’t have done any worse than what they had, but I have been wondering when someone would finally redesign that nightmare they had.  I guess I should have tried myself.  I just wish whoever designed their logo will find a way to destroy that bald-headed, Mr. Bill look-a-like.  Please someone do something.  After that’s been dealt with, then we’ll move onto the creepy Burger King guy who shows up in everyone’s bed.


About Tom Brauch

Love your family. Serve others. Try your best. Make friendship a fine art. Drink deeply from good books. Make each day your masterpiece. Give thanks for your blessings. Master your emotions. Accept responsibility. Reject passivity. Lead courageously. Don't hold onto things. Play hard. Work with passion. Put integrity first. Laugh at the world. Persist until you succeed. Act now. Refine.
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