First Banner Ad I Ever Clicked

Yes, today it finally happened.  I clicked on a banner ad.  I’ve never had a desire to do so.  I think I’ve only seen one with any appeal.  Most have a price and a big button that say “try us free” on it or some invaluable value offering.  But, I actually thought this was was nice from Bank of America.  I’m all for just appealing to the person and communicating people currency vs. hard dollars.

Now, as I read the article I was linked to, I saw a great story about a guy who is living the American Dream as his small business takes off from an original idea he had.  Kudos to Peter Thom, President of Mona Lisa Foods, Inc.  I’d like to hear more about  his success after the giant loan Bank of America put on his head.  I was waiting for the point in the story where I saw Bank of America going to bat for this guy, but they basically provided a guy with good credit and a successful business some more money.  Amazing act of kindness!  None-the-less, at least they are highlighting small businesses and hard working Americans.  I am in their corner from that aspect.

So, chalk one up to Bank of America for getting me to click their ad.


About Tom Brauch

Love your family. Serve others. Try your best. Make friendship a fine art. Drink deeply from good books. Make each day your masterpiece. Give thanks for your blessings. Master your emotions. Accept responsibility. Reject passivity. Lead courageously. Don't hold onto things. Play hard. Work with passion. Put integrity first. Laugh at the world. Persist until you succeed. Act now. Refine.
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