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The Design of Things

To design something, whether a logo, a web site, a brand portfolio or a hat is to tap into the deepest part of our humanity.  When you design, you are first asking yourself who you are. What you are you … Continue reading

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Marketing and the Curious Future of Books

I’d like to lay claim that Ideo’s “The Future of the Book” was my idea.  Somehow I think they may have barely beat me to the punch.  A while ago I wrote a blog on all the sublime possibilities the … Continue reading

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Stand Up and Be Counted

You’ve heard that showing up is half the battle.  I never used to put much weight into that statement, but over the years I have seen this to be true.  I’ve often told people who are looking for a job … Continue reading

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Top 5 Business Books of All Time

What’s a good book you can recommend?  Who hasn’t asked or been asked about a good book?  Every once in a while I Google “The Top 10 Books on Business” or “The Top 10  Books on Management,” etc…  After spending … Continue reading

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Best Company Logo of 2010

Finally, a distinct, new logo for a large corporation.  Haven’t most new logos and redesigns been the same for Fortune 1000’s?  Seems like it.  However, here’s a beauty. This is basically a re-blog.  I just had to make sure I … Continue reading

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IBM Social Media App vs. FaceBook — They Forgot One Thing

IBM is launching a Facebook-like platform for business.  While I love the “Smarter Planet” marketing they shovel out, I am a bit perplexed by the marketing of their new “IBM® Customer Experience Suite. Actually, I’m just assuming it’s a platform.  … Continue reading

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iPhone Friendly Scooter — Am I a Geek?

Did anyone else think it was the coolest thing on earth to rent scooters when you went on vacation?  Perhaps it was just that I was a 12-year lamenting over driving something, a step up from playing with match-box cars … Continue reading

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